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Luckily, I’ve always thought of myself as a musician more than a guitar player. Since I’m always changing as a person and my tastes are always changing, that is reflected in the ways I approach my instrument. I never feel like running out of ideas, because it is clear to me music is infinite.
John Frusciante (Rolling Stone, 2007)
I try to make words say what they weren’t naturally designed to say.
John Frusciante (via running-away-into-john)

I feel that wheels are turning,
I feel that wheels are turning ‘round;

We made ya, we made ya,
We made you what you were.

We brought them up that hill,
We brought them up to roll them down;

In the morning, light must clean you,
In the morning, light must clean you out.

I’m sad that time escapes me,
It pushes ahead of me all day.

Remind me, remind me,
Remind me what I could’ve been.

I feel the faster I’m going,
The more I am slowing down;

I’m the focus of the bring down,
I’m the one who captures what he lost
And turns it ‘round.


John Frusciante

(via happytrainghost)
It’s my dream to make people feel like they’re flying. I want the music to produce certain brain waves in the listener. I want it to recreate certain psychedelic feelings that come about in life, whether it’s just looking at the ocean or watching a bird flying in the sky.
John Frusciante (Guitar World, 2006)
In some ways it’s good to hold on to a few of your demons. There were times a couple of years ago – I was going to see this lady who was gonna do this kind of ritualistic cleansing of my inner-self and John got really worried. Like, ‘Whoa, be careful there because I don’t want this lady getting rid of all your dark energy because I rather enjoy the creative element that is born from it. Don’t go getting too clean on me because we might not have anything to work with here.’ I don’t think our troubles are completely over. We’re a bit bent in the head and I think that serves us well.
Anthony Kiedis (via running-away-into-john)